You are invited to the second embodied workshop of 2018, entitled:  “WHO I AM VS WHO I THINK I SHOULD BE”


When: Saturday, 10th February 2018
Time: 11am – 13:00
Location: “Raum für Körperarbeit”, Pestalozzistr. 3, Charlottenburg


Please confirm your attendance by Friday, 9th.


Our characters are very much shaped by our experiences and by what is expected from us and by us. How can we therefore recognise who we are irrespective of how we think we are? This is a huge question that we will take some time to explore.


In the first part of the workshop we will identify some of our thoughts and expectations about ourselves and where they come from. We will look at “who I believe I should be”.


I will then lead you into an exploration of what lies under this perception and our habitual responses in life that sustain it, in order to get closer to the recognition of “who I am”.


The 3rd part of this workshop will be dedicated to having fun; enjoying our bodies and using them to express and energise our experiences of who we are.


As always, I would love your feedback and ideas and I look forward to your news, input, and in-person presence.


I hope to see you there!

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