What Would Happen if I Really Feel What I Feel?

Lecture Evening on Thursay, 19th May at 19:00 in Pestalozzistr. 3, Charlottenburg


Learning to accept what we feel is not the same as struggling with it


If I treat my emotions as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, If I prefer the “positive” and block the “negative”, I end up controlling my emotional life rather than simply living it.


Dealing with our feelings is regarded to be a very complicated part of our lives. For some it is even seen as dangerous to allow feelings to be felt. Hardly anyone is truly happy about what and how they feel and we seem to suffer a lot because of our emotions. We end up looking at them like something to “manage”. This leads us to force and control what we should feel, it creates drama and ever bigger troubles.


Treating emotions like traffic control, allowing this and blocking that, might often end up in a mess, like a traffic jam, or an accident.


We control our emotions, for example by “holding back”.
We hide what we feel, for example by playing it “cool”.
We mask a feeling with another to create a façade or pretence.
We torment our selves for what we feel and experience guilt and blame.


As a result, we often feel that we must lie about what and how we feel. We lie to others and hide our feelings. Worse yet, we lie to ourselves until we too have no idea what we feel.


To investigate into what it is you do and see how we can address these subjects, we gladly invite you to our lecture evening with Eylam Langotsky, Licensed teacher of the Grinberg Method.

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