The first session will start with a discussion of your individual aims and expectations. This talk may touch upon different aspects of your life including your history and past experiences; your habits and interests as well as further details of your current condition and presenting symptoms. Together we will then establish a clear focus and intention for your personalised learning process.

For the more physical and hands-on part of the session, you may be asked to remove any items of clothing and jewellery that restrict your movement or reduce the intensity of the experience.

Most sessions take place with my clients lying down on a working table, although sitting and standing positions are also common.

 At the end of every session, there is a 10-15 minute resting phase, which will give you the necessary time to fully assimilate the experience.

Further Sessions as part of a learning process

Subsequent sessions are designed to build on from each other and are always individually tailored to your needs, as established in the initial session and re-evaluated in every meeting. Sessions usually last one hour and the length of the learning process and frequency of sessions is dependent upon your aims and current needs.