The Riddle of Self Control – Lecture Evening with Eylam Langotsky

Join us on Wednesday, 2nd March at 19:00 for an evening chat and demo. Eylam Langotsky, licensed teacher of the Grinberg Method will present the topic of Self-Control.

This evening’s event will take place in English and participation is free of charge. Please do confirm your assistance with me beforehand so we can make necessary arrangements.


The true sense of control lies in the possibility of doing and of not doing, of effort and of letting go. We often notice our bodies hold a lot of effort we can’t let go. A lot of our actions are stressed and our muscles ache with tension. Without the possibility of letting go, we lose the true sense of control and end up with an automatic effort.

The choice we can have which precedes our sense of both activity and of passivity, leads us to control. It is a step that guides our action with full awareness to ourselves, our bodies and our surroundings. With attention, with will and with the options to act or not to act we can learn once again what control means. It is in the choice as an experience that we can find a true sense of what control should have become. This opens yet another door to the deeper sense of bodywork, of control and of stopping automatic efforts.

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