“When I first came across Nicole’s approach I did not expect much. I was quite skeptical about the effectiveness of somatic work and I just wanted to give it a try. I have been struggling with menstrual cramps since I can remember and Nicole’s offer to address this type of pain appealed to me. Nicole quickly and intuitively grasped the core of the problem. She then progressed to bring my attention back to my almost forgotten uterus, teaching me to feel it and breathe into it. I was surprised about her unerring confidence and gentle way in which she activated my life energy. I am already a sporty person, but after a few sessions with Nicole, I realised that I can’t postpone implementing a regular exercise plan into my daily life any longer. Since working with her, I have managed to develop a regular habit of morning yoga. I was totally thrilled that although I have a newly fitted copper IUD, my menstruations since my sessions with Nicole, were barely noticeable in terms of pain and I am really thankful that I had the pleasure to experience her understanding touch on my body.”


– PR advisor, 31 years old –

“I first started working with Nicole because I was having serious back problems that I had been struggling with for years. As a dancer, and because I had slipped a disc at the age of 15, I was always in a lot of pain. I had been to many doctors, osteopaths, physiotherapists and have tried different methods. I cannot say this did not help to some degree, and it sometimes relieved the pain for a while, but the symptoms would constantly come back again.

I had never heard about Nicole’s somatic approach before and I was intrigued by the fact that it is a close work between the client and practitioner. It also seemed like the right time to seek out and work on the origin of my pain rather than trying to make symptoms disappear.

With Nicole, I have learned what triggers my back pain and it was not only the dancing. With the our work together, I learned what my pains really are all about: I learned about their their origin. My muscles, body and mind were taught how to react differently to uncomfortable situations. It was really about a journey with myself to work with my pains, rather than just some session to help ease the pain and help me sleep better at night.

I recommend Nicole’s work for those who want to learn more about themselves, to raise their awareness and truly work and accept themselves in order to heal pain from the inside. It is a very positive process and a good chance to get to know yourself better and to accept yourself as you are. Go for it!”


–  Head of marketing in e-commerce, 25 years old – 

“I came to Nicole without knowing to much about her or her working method but thought I’d give it a chance. Nicole’s ability to listen to my story was as good as I could have hoped for. She gave me time and empathy and listened very carefully to understand my situation. She then started to work on my body. Her touch was spot-on; she was able to pin point the source of my pain and I felt a sense of relief that I haven’t experienced in years. I am now able to take steps to improve my situation and am in a much better position to deal with my chronic pain and work on letting it go.”


– Self-employed, 45 years old – 
“The method has helped me recover from physical and mental stress. I learned to notice my patterns and effectively deal with them. Initially I learned to communicate better. Later we worked on physical pain and muscle tension. It provided relief within a few sessions and allowed for lasting positive changes. Nicole communicates clearly and is highly recommended.


– Software engineer, 30 years old – 
“Wow! Such an interesting experience and method. In the beginning I didn’t know what to expect, but after just a couple of sessions, I felt the effects in my daily life; even after I had stopped the process for a while. I am now so much more aware of my breathing, my body (tension), muscles and thoughts. Thanks so much Nicole. I would recommend everyone to try it since the experience is so hard to put into words.”


– Language exchange coordinator, 28 years old – 
“I have really learned so much about my body in just a couple of sessions and have discovered just how much tension I hold. I already have a much healthier way of distributing my weight and walking, which frees up more energy and gives me more flexibility in my movement and less pain in my knees.”


– Chef, 38 years old – 
“An awesome experience; refreshing and revitalising through a holistic approach towards a better you. I truly enjoyed it. Thank you, Nicole.”


– Freelancer and mother, 30 years old –
„Am 18. September 2014 nahm ich an einer Grinberg Methode Sitzung bei Nicole Pieper teil. Sie bat mich darum, sich ihr gegenüber auf eine Liege zu setzen. Dann stellte sie mir verschiedene Fragen während sie meine Füße berührte. Aus der Beschaffenheit meiner Füße konnte sie Feststellungen über meine Person treffen, ohne dass ich ihr vorher etwas über mich erzählt hatte.

Danach legte ich mich auf die Liege und sie begann im Bereich des Brustkorbes an mir zu arbeiten. Dabei gab sie mir Atemanleitungen. Nach und nach empfand ich, dass ich meinen Körper und insbesondere meinen Atem besser kennenlernte und modifizieren konnte. Durch Nicole gelangte ich zu einem Körperbewusstsein und wurde ich mit seiner Sprache und Botschaft vertraut gemacht. Nicole war eine Art Übersetzerin meines Körpers. Faszinierend fand ich, wie ich im Bereich des Brustkorbs Muskulatur zusammenziehen sollte und dort hin atmete während gleichzeitig, trotz der Verspannung, eine Durchlässigkeit und Weichheit entstand. Danach fühlte sich mein Brustkorb von einem Gefühl der Dichte befreit.

Es wirkte ganzheitlich den Energiefluss meines Körpers in Gang setzend und entspannend. Ich fühlte einen starken Kontakt zum Jetzt und zu mir selbst, wobei gleichzeitig mental geprägte Glaubenssätze sich in der Behandlung selbst als bloße unzutreffende Annahmen herausstellten. Die Sitzung hat mir geholfen alte Gedankenstrukturen neu zu überprüfen und sie als gegenstandslos abzulegen. Die Weisheit meines Körpers in Bezug auf meine Lebenserfahrungen und der daraus resultierend mentalen Annahmen konnte ich nun auf den aktuellen Stand bringen; mehr im Jetzt ankommen. Die Wirkung auf mein gesamtes Geist-Körper-Seele System war intensiv. Es war eine spannende Entdeckungsreise mit meinem eigenen Körper. Ich kann sie nur jedem ans Herz legen. ”


Self employed, 43 years old

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