Being attentive vs being corrective: You can’t get it “right” unless you are willing to pay attention to what might be going “wrong”

Our next monthly lecture evening with Eylam Langotsky, licenced teacher of the Grinberg Method, will be on the 18th February in Pestalozzistr. 3 at 19:00.



Our education is largely oriented on getting things “right”. We learn from a young age to look for “solutions”. We try to be “helpful” and to be “correct”.
The strange thing is that most of the time this does not seem to work as things most often aren’t “right”. Our solutions are not likely to solve our problems; nothing seems to go right or be “correct”, within us or around us. But we keep on trying with even more effort to push this idea through.


Body learning is focused, surprisingly perhaps, on doing the reverse. We learn to perceive “what-is” rather than believe what “should-be”. It might lead us at first to sense things that seem to be or feel “wrong”. Before we try to correct them, we have a chance to feel the real and then the body may offer solutions in a far more natural way.


This evening is again open for anyone who is curious or interested in the topic. Entry is free of charge and the lecture will be in English (with some German translations if necessary). Please confirm your attendance with me before the event.

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