Integrated somatic work offers a holistic approach that encourages our bodies to reclaim their central role as part of our being; a place that enables, and inspires continual change and transformation, not only on a physical but also on an emotional, cognitive and energetic level.


Through different forms of direct touch, movement and dialogue I will guide you to pay even more attention to your body and the subtle sensations that arise within it. You will begin to tune in ever more to the stories and narratives that have played such a crucial role in shaping your life and determining your level of health and well being; your responses and behaviours. It is in this state of heightened self-awareness and attention that transformation can occur.


The result is a fresh approach to the elements you face in life; including pain, personal challenges, and any routines or patterns that limit you. Some examples of what I work with are below.


  • Transform physical conditions, including:

– Migraines or tension headaches
– Back pain
– Stomach pain, digestive irregularities or menstrual pain
– Limitations after accidents or operations


  • Make changes in recurrent feelings of:

– Tension, stress, anxiety

– Depression, loneliness

– Lack of energy or motivation

– Burnout


  • Respond differently to sensations of:

– Nervousness or lack of confidence

– Restlessness and poor concentration

– Anger, frustration or impatience


  • Make relationship changes whether in the personal or public sphere, by:

– Letting go of old conclusions that hold you back

– Allowing for a more authentic connection with those around you

– Setting your personal boundaries and standing up for your beliefs





Sessions are open to anyone who is looking for change and is not afraid to look within to discover the way. Although I work with physical and emotional pain, sessions are not intended to be a substitute for any kind of required medical treatment and I will always encourage clients to seek out further professional care whenever necessary.